Vision 2030


Rewind two decades.  

Past struggle, future strategy. 

The last two decades casts a dark shadow on the Fairfield area, four shootings in two weeks between middle-eastern gangs have labelled Fairfield the most dangerous suburb in Australia in 2016 by

Fairfield City consists of 27 suburbs, one being Cabramatta, also known as the ‘Drug Capital of Australia’ in the 1990s due to the influx of Vietnamese refugee youths turning to gangs and crime. 

With the stigma of our past, Fairfield is the most culturally diverse suburb in Australia which houses an estimated of 206,168 of Middle Eastern, southeast Asian and African descent. 

Australia has long been viewed as a land of opportunity, attracting migrants and refugees from countries abroad, many who risk their lives at the hope of finding a new one. Although Fairfield has its fair share of problems, it’s not uncommon to see these issues all over Australia. From the alcohol and drug issues in the indigenous communities of WA and NT, to the outlaw motorcycle gangs operating in QLD and ADL, not to mention the recent African gangs in VIC. 

Time for a revolution. 

Sharing the Love


Our 2030 vision is to reach communities throughout Australia and the world. That is to see community renewal and transformation by the love of Jesus Christ. Through our outreach initiatives in strategic areas, we seek to deliver outcomes of significant value to our communities locally, nationally and globally.

Our aim is to bring hope to the hopeless, encouraging positive change, by teaching and mentoring people to embrace life's challenges as opportunities to understand their inner self in order to change their lives for the better. To become contributors to their society and not just consumers. 

We seek to extend our programs throughout Australia and the world. 

Love in Action 

Partner with us 


In partnership with local community services, and our national and international churches we seek to provide interactive experiences for our volunteers, equipping them with leadership skills for the future and valuing them as partners and as long-term influencers of change within our society. 

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs