See you in 2020!


We had an exciting time!

During the April school holidays and just after the ANZAC day holiday, the Unplugged Youth Camp was held at Cataract Scout Camp, near Appin for three days and two nights. 

The camp is targeted at young people from high school age and up to their early twenties. The purpose of the youth camp is to actively engage young people and provide challenging and thought-provoking activities with the aim of teaching them resiliency, team work, and ultimately the importance of living a Christ centred life. Statistics show that the current generation of youth spend excessive time on social media, animated games and electronic devices. The theme of this camp is aptly named “Unplugged”, where participants are expected to spend three days and two nights with no access to electronic devices, i.e., smart phones and tablets. There will be a focus on activities and teaching around the word of God with guest speakers teaching from the bible.

We have had a great response from both parties who attended & assisted. Many encouraged & impacted by God & others around them. We endeavour to do this again next year, so we are preparing now to make it bigger & better.

So, are you interested? Check out what happened in the video & register now to secure your place!


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